NSX Cloud

NSX Cloud is a networking solution that allows administrators to define networking and security policies for applications running in private and public clouds. When integrated with Morpheus, users can apply an NSX Cloud integration with VMware vCenter-type Clouds. This offers robust syncing and manipulation of NSX Cloud constructs as well as the ability to consume those networks when provisioning to VMware Cloud targets.


  • Sync and manage DHCP servers

  • Sync and manage DHCP relays

  • Sync and manage network segments

  • Sync and manage distributed firewall rules

  • Sync and manage tier-1 routers

  • Sync and manage groups, including management groups and compute groups

  • Integration with VMware-type Clouds

Integrating with VMware Clouds

Integration with a VMware Cloud requires the Cloud integration to be pre-existing. If you need to integrate a VMware Cloud first, refer to the VMware Cloud integration guide in Morpheus UI documentation for full details. If you are creating the VMware Cloud now, bear in mind that you will need to update firewall inbound rules to allow the Morpheus appliance to connect with VMware. If this step is not done, any attempts to create that Cloud integration will fail. Log into the NSX Cloud web console and click on the Security tab. Within the security tab, go to the Gateway Firewall section and the Management Gateway tab within it. Edit the list of sources for your vCenter inbound rules. The IP address for the Morpheus appliance should be among the allowed inbound addresses.

To begin a new NSX Cloud integration, navigate to Infrastructure > Network > Integrations. Click + ADD and then click “NSX Cloud”. Make the following configurations to create the integration with NSX Cloud:

Once done, click ADD NETWORK INTEGRATION. After a brief moment, the new integration will be created and will appear alongside other network integrations on the network integration list page. We can verify that NSX Cloud and the VMware Cloud are integrated by editing the VMware Cloud (Infrastructure > Clouds > Selected VMware Cloud > EDIT button). Expand the Advanced Options panel of the EDIT CLOUD modal and the NSX Cloud integration should be set under the NETWORK MODE configuration.

Managing NSX Cloud

With the integration complete, you can now examine the detail section for the new integration. From the network integration list page (Infrastructure > Network > Integrations), select the NSX Cloud integration that was just created. From this section, we can create, manage, and delete DHCP servers and relays, network segments, firewall rules, tier-1 routers, and groups.